Mossimo Shoes

Mossimo Shoes

The brand name “Mossimo” is a company that not only deals in the shoe industry but it also deals in a variety of other industries.

Their shoes are designed and produced by their Incorporated Company and are some of the best and most popular shoes out there. Mossimo Inc begun from somewhere; and like any other successful company, Mossimo shoes had humble beginnings.

The company was founded by the great Mossimo Giannulli.

The idea began in university in California when he was only twenty years old. Being a young university student, the guy was very business-minded. He saw an opportunity and went for it almost immediately. The same thing happened when he spotted the opportunity to sell beach volleyball shorts. He saw that many people enjoyed the sport while on the beach and he thought, ‘why not?’

He quickly grabbed the chance before someone else beat him to it and began selling the shorts to people on the beach. People loved his beach volleyball shorts and also the idea of his humble start. Soon, everyone playing beach volleyball on that particular part of the California beach was wearing Mossimo’s beach volleyball shorts. It’s amazing how someone so young could get his small business going; from just peddling shorts on a beach to grow into the large company that it is today. Giannulli had accomplished something very huge indeed.

When he saw that he was quickly succeeding, he did what any other successful business man we know today did; he dropped out of school to concentrate on his business venture. I’m sure the University of Southern California missed him; as he was a very promising student. Mossimo had to find capital to finance his small growing business and so he took a loan from someone who wouldn’t bug him about it until he could pay; his father!

His father must have wondered why his son would drop out of school for business sake, but he still had faith in his ambitious son and gave him the loan anyway. With one hundred thousand dollars in his business account thanks to his father, Giannulli embarked on the hardest part yet; making sure that his business moved forward and did not fail.

Things were different from the time when he was a student selling beach volleyball shorts to strangers on the beach. Now, Mossimo was a business man looking to be successful; with a loan that he was planning to pay back with the profits from his business and a father counting on him to do his best, he knew that he had to succeed. So he would brand his shorts with the well known ‘M’ logo and sell them to surf stores close to the beach.

The secret of the universe tells us that to get something; you have to think it, believe in it and work towards it.  This was a businessman that wanted success and he sure got it; within one year, he had profited enough to pay back the loan from his father. His gross returns were at about one million dollars.

Mossimo Giannulli began to expand and that is where his shoe product line came in. The brand of shoes ventured out of the beach volleyball style and now there are so many models from their product line up for grabs. No clothing company can have clothes without shoes so Mossimo shoes just had to be there. 

Their shoes were the in thing and still are today especially in Southern California from where they originate. Mossimo shoes are available for every occasion. They are very fashionable and durable and there are a variety of them, ranging from boots to wedges, loafers, thongs, Mary Janes, flats, platforms, moccasins, wedges, pumps, sneakers, sandals, slides, t-straps, espadrilles and ballet flats.

All these shoes are available for men, women, the youngsters and kids. They are well known for their style, durability and Southern California fashion sense. Many occasions call for their great range of shoes like proms, weddings, gym sessions, sports days, fun days, parties and night outs. They are also designed for casual days when you don’t have to look flashy. The first ever pair of shoes were sold in Southern California from where they hailed and today, they are sold all over the world.

Everyone is buying Mossimo shoes from wherever in the world they are. Their shoes are classy and the brand is certainly to die for.

There are many physical stores and online retailers from all around the world that Stock and sell the ranges of shoe; that’s how popularized the Mossimo brand is!